Bleedtogether is the first and only all female Soundgarden tribute band.  The current lineup consists of vocalist Aisha Elmehdaoui, guitarist Lori Baron, bassist Rose McMayhem, drummer Simona Bressi, and additional guitarist Kathy Moore.  Formed in 2012, this Seattle based band carries the musical and creative energy necessary to effectively and authentically capture Soundgarden's unique sound.  Over the years, Bleedtogether has been capturing audiences with their natural ability to deliver Soundgarden's high intensity rock n' roll, having even performed the classic albums Badmotorfinger, and Superunknown in their entireties.  

The ladies of Bleedtogether are honored to share their passion for Soundgarden's music with audiences everywhere, by paying tribute to one of their hometown's greatest bands; the mighty Soundgarden.


Band Members

Aisha (vocals)

Lori Baron (guitar)

Rose McMayhem (bass)

Simona Bressi (drums)

Kathy Moore (sub guitar)